WHAT is SmartVAT

SmartVAT is NBR enlisted specialized VAT software that formulate and accomplishes vat system with user interface and simple dashboard to understand. SmartVAT has been built and facilitate over the time to be compatible with multiple businesses for Group of Companies. Easy Integration, Premium features and positive feedback from client is also makes SmartVAT a game- changer.



NBR Enlistment

SmartVAT is enlisted by the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

View on NBR Official Website (No. 26)

SmartVAT Features

Fundamentals of SmartVAT software is built after analyzing the need of business industry over the years. So User friendly, Reliability, Flexibility, Security and Integrating process has been ensured properly during SmartVAT software developing process.  Main feature includes-

Global Access

NBR Approved

3rd party Integration

Detailed Reporting

Data Entry Import & Export

System API Integration

Implementation Model

Direct Data Entry

Business needs an independent and ready system like SmartVAT Software. It’s easy to deploy and the interface is user-friendly.

Data Import from other System

Systems Data can be imported from any point of business and users can import data from XLS/CSV files with the use of SmartVAT Software.

API Integration with 3rd Party

Although It’s a complicated process but SmartVAT can easily handle integrating with any 3rd party system.

Deployment Model

Stand Alone

Stand alone deployment is the mechanism through which applications, modules, updates, and patches are delivered from developers to users.


On-Premise software deployment refers to the process of running an application on a server or device. That means software is installed and managed by company’s server. User will have the usable part of the software for work purpose.  

Public Cloud

We are working on Cloud process to place our system into more flexibility & security. SAAS based model will be deployed soon.

Mushak(VAT & SD Act 2012)

Mushak - 4.3 : Input-Output Coefficient Declaration

Mushak - 6.1 : Purchase Accounts Book

Mushak-6.2 : Sales Accounts Book

Mushak - 6.2.1 : Purchase & Sales Account Book

Mushak - 6.3 : Sales Invoice

Mushak - 6.4 : Invoice of contractual production

Mushak - 6.5 : Invoice for transfer of goods

Mushak - 6.6 : VDS Certificate

Mushak - 6.7 : Credit Note

Mushak - 6.8 : Debit Note

Mushak - 6.9 : Turnover Tax Invoice

Mushak - 6.10 : Purchases/Sales valued 2 lac + Taka

Mushak - 9.1 : Value Added Tax Return

Mushak - 9.2 : Turnover Tax Return

Why Companies Need Vat Software?

All of a sudden, Companies may wonder why they need VAT Management Software after 30 years of manually reporting VAT in paper-based documents. In detail, there’s a two-part answer to the question.


The process of calculating VAT is quite complicated. The business has to be paid taxes after added value on different steps of production and distribution segment. Similarly, there are some different rules applied on tax calculation for raw materials, finished goods, and on work in progress section. For some reason, the company has to buy same raw material from different suppliers, such as a furniture company buying the same Mahogany wood from different sellers at different prices, in this case, tax calculation would be different in each segment. For this reason, the VAT estimation will be difficult to manage. For instance, SmartVAT Management Software can make the process much more easy, quick, and effective.


In our country, they are not well trained to calculate the value of recording for keeping goods/services convention. Hence, when NBR willing to see detailed records of any transaction, companies failed to provide those reports. In these situations, VAT software gives strong support for all businesses. Meanwhile, companies can provide each transactions reports as they recorded properly in the system so, the business doesn’t have to worry to provide reports if they faced any audit in the future because the system provided the authentic reports accordingly.