Digital Intelligence System Ltd specializes in the development, design, testing, and distribution of software applications and solutions, specially on VAT Management Software. We emphasize dedicated client relationships and prioritizing client satisfaction is crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. Building trust and maintaining strong client partnerships are key to long-term success.

Offering customized software solutions tailored to the specific needs of SMEs and large businesses is a significant advantage. This approach ensures that our clients receive software that aligns precisely with their requirements.

Providing enterprise and customized web applications and mobile software development services to both local and international markets demonstrates our company’s versatility and potential for growth.
We developed innovative VAT Management Software that fulfills the unique needs of the local market.
We also Offer specialized software solutions such as ERP and POS software reflecting a deep understanding of the diverse software needs of businesses today.

We’ve gained the trust of popular companies in the industry, such as HATIL, Akhtar, Sheltech, Aqua Paints, JBHightech, and Active Telecom, which speaks to the quality and reliability of your software solutions.

“We are Growing Gradually!”

DI System Ltd

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At DISYSTEM We hear you, We Prior Our Clients. For not only SmartVAT software but also in any innovative ideas for your business.  Doesn’t matter how non-techy person you are! Our dedicated team will hear your business need stories, analyze what you need & Discuss your requirements with our Development team along with you. It’s not the end. After delivering we’ll maintain the product and provide you necessary training to make you enlighten how our services benefit you.



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We believe in putting customer’s interests above everything, taking transparent actions, building trust, and acting as a team. Our mission is to deliver exceptional performance to global customers by valuing our human assets, innovative and customized solutions.

We have been providing solutions to our global clientele for the last 6 years. Our key strength lies in our human assets and our global delivery model.  We are focused to specializes in eLearning solutions, LMS, SaaS Development, Mobile Application Development and Management, Remote Infrastructure Management.