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VAT Software Deployment Process

VAT software is a vital tool for businesses looking to streamline their tax compliance processes. Deploying VAT software involves a series of well-planned steps to ensure efficiency and compliance with tax regulations.

Assessing Business Needs

It’s essential to assess your business’s unique needs. Consider the size of your business, your industry, and the specific VAT requirements that apply to you.

Integrating with Existing Systems

If your business uses other software or systems, ensure seamless integration with the new VAT software to maintain data consistency.

Tailoring VAT Software to Business

Customize the VAT software to align with your business processes. This step ensures that the software meets your specific requirements.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

With VAT regulations constantly evolving, ensure that your software remains compliant. Regular updates are essential to meet changing requirements.






Furniture Industry

To assist Hatil with their business, we furnished them with an answer that joins various modules as per their care need. Our CRM, HR, ERP module assists them with dealing with their HR, while modules like deals, buy, and the stock was converged to dispose of the manual course of information section and stock updates. Our assembling module upholds their entire aggregation progress in each stage. Besides, with we redid the bookkeeping module, Hatil can see the high-level ongoing announcing in the framework.

70+ Dealers • 900+ Users


AQUA Paints

Chemical, Paints Manufacturer

AQUA Paints is a renowned name in the paint industry in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of paint products. It produces paints for residential, commercial, industrial, and decorative purposes. By integrating with the existing ERP system and using our VAT management software, it processes all of its VAT operations.


What We Offer

We enhance the architecture, technology and functionality of transactional / ERP platforms for finance, HR, content management, and legal services. In addition, we create web portals and dashboards for self-service by business users.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, with new technologies and trends emerging regularly.

VAT Software Customization

Customizing VAT software can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance for a business. However, it’s essential to work with experienced providers.

Backend & API Development

Backend and API development are crucial components of building modern software applications, whether they are web-based, mobile apps, or other types of software.

User Centric Experiences

User-centric experiences, approach ensures that the final product or service is not only functional but also intuitive, enjoyable, and aligned with user expectations.

World Class Support

World-class support puts the customer at the center of all activities. It involves actively listening to customer needs and delivering personalized solutions.

ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development is the process of creating and customizing software solutions that help organizations manage and integrate their core business processes.

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“DI-SYSTEM has been providing cutting-edge technology from the beginning of our journey “

Iftekhar Alam, Senior Manager(IT), HATIL

“Working with DI-SYSTEM has been an absolute pleasure. Their team of skilled professionals is not only knowledgeable in their field but also dedicated to providing top-notch service and support.”

Ekramul Islam Eka, VAT Consultant

“They rapidly understand our unique needs and developed a tailored solution that exceeded our expectations. They made a bridge between our ERP & VAT software, which reduces our manual effor and enabled us smooth VAT operations.”

Sheikh Mohammad Saadi, Head of IT, Elite Group

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